Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Where does all the money go?

I've been painstakingly going through my credit card bills and categorizing the charges in Quicken.

There's an unexplained Expedia charge from right around the time there was some possible credit card fraud and we switched the card number. There was no indication on the credit card bill or Expedia site what this was for, so I called Expedia. After some research, they said it was the Sofitel in Philadelphia, where I did spend 2 nights with my sister's family in July. Pricey, and not deductible. Oh well, we had a good time.

That was the week after the NPL con, which I never finished reporting on. By now, I don't remember much. Let's see: on Saturday, I overslept the business meeting, had lunch, did some afternoon puzzles, and left early, not because I was done with the flat competition but because I was meeting A and Mrs. A. I hadn't seen him in almost 20 years. We rode around his old haunts in Ann Arbor, and I was struck by how huge the university is. We greeted a few people who remembered him from the 1987 Charlottesville con and other events, took a picture, and then they left. Dinner. My 2.5 out of 3 Canadian team (me, Witz and Gary Sherman) had fun doing the extravaganza. I played Ember's game. Sat around the lobby. The next morning I made it to breakfast, but left for the airport before the con officially ended. A bunch of New Yorkers were on the flight. Or am I thinking of San Antonio?

The 10/97 issue of Movieline had an "Oscar Bait" article that touted "U-Turn" and "A Life Less Ordinary" and blew off "Titanic." "U-Turn" did end up being nominated for some Razzies.

I've been sleeping in the middle of the day lately, making it difficult to do normal things during normal hours with normal people. There's an event later today I'll probably miss. Maybe next time.

Back to the credit card bills. Ooh, the MoMA site says membership is fully deductible...

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