Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Too Taxing

I've been having that recurring dream about being in school, taking classes that I didn't realize I was in, and being overwhelmed by work. Then waking up and being overwhelmed by all there is to do. The anticipation of work is always worse than the work itself. I get absorbed once I get going.

I took the first baby steps toward taxes. Cash transactions since last May are now loaded on Quicken, and I started recording checking and investment account items. At times, I had to check the calendar and even my blog to see what I was doing, say, when I took cabs (return from the Pleasantville tournament:deductible, Oscar party: no). My bank seems to have changed its leeway on how often you need to download, and Quicken did not pick up transactions for most of February. They're online on the bank site, and in the printed statement, but it's a pain to have to manually add them to Quicken.

I still keep a paper checking account transaction register as backup. I have plenty of checks but am out of space on the register. The bank's web site and phone line have no way to order a register, so I'll stop by the bank. If they don't have one, I suppose a list on a pad will suffice. (Updated to add: I have 3 boxes of checks with no registers, BUT I still have a box of checks from an old account - *cough*packrat*cough* - and THAT had a register.)

Maybe I can make a dent in the other work today.

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