Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

More gifts

I opened a rarely-used cabinet at the bottom of a bookcase to see what was there - and found 2 piles of paperbacks. Whee! I hadn't missed these particular books, but they seemed vaguely familiar. I'll have to catalog them.

Also in the cabinet were notebooks from actuarial classes. Maybe I can ditch them... but what if I decide to take those last few exams? (extremely unlikely)

Unfortunately, the tournament puzzle book is still missing.

My mother is going to get an unexpected gift. I ordered the not-safe-for-work tissue box mentioned on jeffurrynpl 's blog. I ran it by my sister, who said, "That is disgusting. She will love it." I'm not positive the order went through; I never got an e-mail confirmation and the site claims I have no orders. I left them a note.

Even though my mother stays as far away from computers as possible, I'll f-lock this until the package is received.

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