Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Unexpected gifts

I'm moving along on my puzzle book cataloging, and while most of the undone crosswords are on the old side (e.g., a 1963 Margaret Farrar S&S collection), I made the happy discovery that "Hooked on Puzzles Series 8" (1995) only has 3 crosswords done. This is Hooked as in Henry Hook, high quality puzzles, great series; snap them up if you can find them. I also have most of the acrostics, cryptics and variety cryptics left to do in all 8 books in the series. But wow, undone Hook crosswords. How did I miss this?

One completed book I'm keeping is Henry's "$10,000 Trivia Challenge," which is basically an NPL con extravaganza in a book. Al DeSuda won the actual contest.

Correspondence tucked into Stanley Newman's "Ultimate Crossword Book" indicates that I was asked to - but never did - write a piece for the section by solvers. Apparently I wasn't always a media whore.

I did some of the crosswords in a Maleska book of quotation puzzles, and was surprised how non-bad they were, and how smoothly I was solving. Then I saw I also have a (mostly solved) compilation book that includes the book I was doing, so I must have subconsciously remembered them. Still, it's been a while. And now I won't redo the known duplicates that haven't yet been solved.

After taxes, I'll also enter my reference books and piano music (though most of that is pre-ISBN).

I still haven't found that first volume of ACPT puzzles.

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