Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Puzzle Books

I haven't been productive (yet) today in the work area, but have accomplished something in the home organizing area. Apparently, I'll do anything to avoid taxes.

When I was looking for puzzles to do before the tournament, I discovered I had extras of a few books. I've cataloged almost all my regular books on Library Thing and BookCrossing, but not my puzzle books. I tear off and save the cover when I finish a book (except in rare cases where the whole book is worth keeping), and lately have been listing the done books as "read" on Library Thing (as well as Amazon and Paperback Swap, just in case one of these goes out of business), but I also have older torn-off covers I never listed online. Unfinished books aren't listed either, so I'm not always sure what I have.

So today I've been cataloging my puzzle books. As part of this, I also took my Sterling and Random House invoice files and listed the books I worked on as "read" too. In doing all this, I found I did NYT Bonus Crosswords TWICE (yup, had 2 physical covers), and bought and solved Matt Gaffney's "Americana Crosswords" even though I proofread it.

I'm almost done, and still can't find the first volume of ACPT crosswords. I know I have it. I even did the charts in the back. Grrr.

Going through these books, I was reminded of one particularly good series, Random House's Masterpiece Crosswords. The 4 volumes are available in a compilation.

I also found the Entertainment Book that was temporarily missing. It had a coupon for a restaurant my family went to last weekend. Oh well.

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