Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Lost day

I woke up in time to go see Helen Mirren at a B&N at 12:30, but never managed to get dressed in time. As the time ticked away, there was the thought I didn't have to see ALL of it but soon it was just too late.

Excuse: there were last-minute changes for the 4/6 NYT puzzle that had to be sent.

The next possible event was a free library showing of the movie "Woman of the Year," which I've never seen. At 3. Oops, too late. Still not dressed.

I might've considered hearing the Mozart "Requiem" tonight at Lincoln Center (I've seen it live before, but I love the piece - thank you, college music class for introducing me to it), but that conflicts with a Fresh Direct delivery. And I might've gone to hear A.J. Jacobs at the 92nd St. Y next week, but I made other plans for that night (I own but still haven't read "The Know-It-All"). IFP is screening a movie that same night (feast or famine!), and they have another movie I'd really like to see - but it's very close to tax day and I can't be sure I won't be frantically working on taxes. Hint: it might help to START compiling the financial records.

Dolly Lamba's "Silence of the Lambs" pin was drooping and closer examination showed it was because the pin was tearing the dress it's pinned on. So I removed the pin, and the dress has some holes in the front. There's also a tear in the back. It's almost 25 years old. I don't have any extra stuffed lamb clothing.

The pin is now on the seemingly sturdier dress of the female "Alaska lamb" (part of a lamb couple I bought from an eBay-er in Alaska). And I moved Dolly Lambo's identical pin to the male Alaska lamb so they'd match. I got these pins at a Premiere mag showing of the movie in 1991; I think M gave me his so I could have two.

Update: I just booked the IFP movie. Maybe that will be an incentive to finish taxes on time.

And maybe this entire day is not lost. I'd like to say how productive it ended up being next time I write.

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