Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Crane-ium Crushers

The theme of Thursday's NYT puzzle was an unfortunate reminder of recent construction accidents in both NYC and Miami. When I went outside today, I found myself looking worriedly at the crane across the street, estimating it at 30 stories high, and trying to figure out where it would land if it fell.

I know all kinds of terrible things can happen in the world. Locusts can rain down from the sky for all I know ("Arbeh!"). But this DID happen recently, so it makes me paranoid.

I didn't prove it mathematically, but the good news is I don't think the crane could come anywhere near my apartment if it toppled over. It could possibly hit the other end of my building. And it's always hovering dangerously close to the buildings across the street. I try not to walk that way if possible. Why invite trouble?

On my side of the street, there are no huge cranes, just smaller earth-moving equipment. I will be happy when it's all done and we have Whole Foods, Duane Reade, a bank branch, and other unannounced stores just steps away. As well as a bunch of rich people, who'll be the only ones that can afford these new apartments.

Before I went to sleep, I left the medical novel in the laundry room bookshelf. And didn't take anything new! Progress. Not that there was anything new and appealing. There are some books that never seem to get taken, including a few of mine. Why doesn't anyone want to read "Hard Lessons" (about Beverly Hills High School)?

I went to sleep very late (early), and first woke up around 9 a.m., then at 10:10, and then dozed off without setting the alarm. I finally woke up to construction noise, but there's always construction noise with 4 buildings going up in the immediate vicinity and a few more not far away; the neighborhood is being ultra-gentrified. I looked at the clock and gasped out loud - 2:06! Ack! Washed and dressed and off to the Times, arriving around 3:30.

I didn't check e-mail at home, but assumed the daily puzzles had been sent. They were, at 12:08:51 p.m. Nice and early, if I had been, like, awake. I worked as fast as I could, but my times (on paper, semi-proofreading) for next Thurs.-Sat. were 9:37, 9:04 and 8:05, in that order! Everything was finalized by 5:30, so the people who send things out after I'm done weren't tremendously inconvenienced, but I should have gotten there earlier.

People on the other side of the floor were having some sort of celebration, and were gathered together far away from the beckoning giveaway bookshelf, so of course I went over there on the way out. The damage - 3 more books. Or was it 4? One may not have been there before, but the others suddenly became more appealing than they'd been yesterday. The novelty should wear off soon.

Universal puzzles in 2003 don't grasp the concept that you're not supposed to put answer words in the clues:

3/15 Certain favorites FAVORITE SONS
4/2 Circular window filled with tracery ROSE WINDOW

Con arrangements have been made. I spoke to the woman at the hotel who Geneal singled out as being quite enthusiastic about our group.

There are some events I could go to tomorrow, but I don't know if I'll cop out and be lazy.

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