Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

David Kahn greets the puzzle public - Update

As mentioned in the last entry, I was done at the NYT in time to go to the library talk (well, not DONE, but I can't do the rest until tomorrow). I got to the mid-Manhattan early to get a library book, but didn't have my list of books wanted so just took something by a chick lit author I'd enjoyed in the past.

Then it was up to the 6th floor for the David Kahn talk, which was packed. There were so many people they had to open the back of the room. I turned out to be responsible for a least a few attendees. Two of the three ACPT C finalists (the ones who don't live in Canada) heard about it here, and the eventual winner in the Kahn puzzle contest also said she lurks online. elainetyger saw my posting and in turn posted to the NJ/NY NPL list, which brought nplchainsaw, cazique, jeffurrynpl, and Noam. Also there were Leslie B., crossword artist Emily Cureton and the Gersches - and of course David and Linda Kahn (sorry if I forgot anyone). But mostly it was puzzle enthusiasts I don't know (but one recognized me).

The talk covered crossword history (one questioner seemed disappointed there wasn't more), some of David's noteworthy puzzles, theme inspiration - nothing I didn't know before, but it's nice to see this type of presentation. We solved a puzzle with a literary theme constructed for the occasion. Tournament vets were asked not to raise our hands when done, to allow civilians to win prizes. Noam next to me finished when I still had the center section to go (darn!), I believe I was second, and Dan on the other side was not far behind (as well as the rest of the usual suspects). Zeke's co-worker finished first of the non-ringers, but had a mistake.

David's doing another event next month, but it's not free.

Afterward, some NPLers went to a Chinese restaurant with many unusual menu items. Sauteed frog, anyone? I stuck to beef chow fun. We told the new member about the con and how it's like the tournament but without any stress (which makes it a LOT more fun), so we may see him there.

We walked to our respective subways. Instead of going in the 8th Ave. station, I went back to the Times, just in case the puzzles were ready and I could avoid going tomorrow. But no, it'll be tomorrow. I took the opportunity to go back to the book giveaway shelf, where there were no pesky employees to see me. I don't think the selection changed since the afternoon, but somehow I was able to choose 3 more books. Does it count as a problem when the addiction isn't anything harmful?

My Fresh Direct delivery slot is Thursday night, and I got home too late to order for tomorrow. But I have enough food right now (all this eating out), and I want to change the slot anyway. The current delivery pass expires Friday, and has been renewed for a year. Total for this six-month pass: $3.47/delivery so it came out less than the normal $4.99 charge.

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