Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Book Heaven

The Sunday 4/6 puzzle was ready early, on Monday morning, but I held off going to the Times hoping the dailies would be ready, too, and I could do everything at once. By this afternoon, when I'd need to process the Sunday, there were no dailies so I had to go in. I don't mind making two trips, since it's not far and the new building is extremely pleasant.

One newly-discovered amenity is the book giveaway shelf. This treasure trove is directly across Will's floor (where the book reviewers sit), but I hadn't seen it until taking my relatives around on Saturday. So after putting Sunday's puzzle on the server, I went over. There were 2-3 shelves worth of (mostly) uncorrected proofs. While I was there, a man left about 10 more books. I ended up taking 3 that looked good.

On the way back, I noticed some file cabinets with a few more uncorrected proofs laid out. I assumed these were also for the taking, and took one. Heaven!

I'm so compulsive I'm wondering whether to check AGAIN today. The only thing stopping me is that people have desks nearby and I don't want them to see me coming multiple times. They'll undoubtedly see me again tomorrow, and that's embarrassing enough.

Another benefit of the dailies not being ready is I'll be able to attend David Kahn's talk at the Mid-Manhattan library tonight. Library! Books! I'm leaving 3 of the 4 just-acquired books in Will's desk so my bag isn't too heavy to accommodate a library book. In fact, I think I'll leave right now so I have time to browse before the event.

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