Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Kitchen talk

LJSeek says I didn't talk about it in my blog, but I know that my large wooden salad bowl cracked and then broke relatively recently. I thought I put "wooden salad bowl" on my to-do list, but it's not there. Where is everything? Anyway, if not on the actual list it's in my mental "to-do" though things can stay there for years.

Lately I've noticed a rattling noise when I take pots on and off the stove burners. I wondered if the stovetop wasn't completely on from when the handyman lifted it to relight the pilot. Or wait, maybe it's... I tried removing the large red Le Creuset pot from its permanent spot on the back burner and - yay! - no more rattling. The heavy pot must have been weighing the top down on that side; not sure why that would make a noise, but removing it removed the noise.

Now I needed a place to store the pot. I think it was on the stove to begin with because there was no room elsewhere. Sure enough, even though I have an abundance of kitchen storage space there's no obvious place to fit this pot without major rearrangement. I considered putting it inside the wok (though that might be unstable), lifted the wok cover, and inside was... a large wooden salad bowl and some matching individual bowls. From the Nana (d. 2000) collection. Thank you, Nana!

I finally stored the pot in the cabinet high above the refrigerator, where it joins the salad spinner, juicer, and soda bottles filled with emergency water.

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