Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Work and play

Since it's always a work day when you freelance, I've been itching to take a vacation, even if just for a weekend.

First I had to get LA Sunday Times done. We normally work in batches of 6, but went to a 4-pack due Friday, which I sent Friday at 3 a.m. Another 4 are due tax week.

I also have some 2007 at-home puzzles and the beginnings of the 2008s to grade, but I need a vacation so those will wait until this coming week. If you're waiting, sorry - but it won't be too long.

With work set aside, I finished another book: "Loose Ends" (1973) by Barbara Raskin. Coco Burman's life is in flux, as she juggles affairs, an equally straying husband who wants out, four small children, and a sometime writing and teaching career. I disliked this character, who came across as selfish and spoiled. There's a sequel, if I feel like subjecting myself to more Coco.

I've been doing Universal and USA Today puzzles online through Puzzle Society, a month at a time so I can be caught up by tournament time next year. The puzzles load really sllooooowwwly so I have to amuse myself while waiting. It's also slow on my iBook so it's their fault, not mine. Some dubious clues (all Universal):

Cid and Greco ELS 11/18/02
Ology type ETYM 12/7/02
Thin, flat, unleavened cake OATCAKE 2/10/03
Rose-shaped decoration ROSETTE 2/12/03
Layman LAIC 2/20/03

Some family members were in town for the weekend. I met them at their hotel (Hilton Times Square) Friday and we walked in a mob of tourists to the restaurant, Osteria al Doge. I had eggplant appetizer and salmon. They went off to a show.

Back home I stayed up half the night listening mostly to Jefferson Airplane albums through Rhapsody on the PC, wearing headphones so my neighbors wouldn't hear. And doing crosswords at the same time. Doesn't get any better than that!

On Saturday, I was going to give them a tour of the NYT building and have lunch there, but they had eaten a late breakfast so we just did the tour. The cafeteria wasn't open, so it was good we weren't planning on lunch. What I thought was the newsroom was pretty empty so maybe I was wrong. In our travels I saw a well-stocked book giveaway shelf which I will definitely return to.

They were going to a matinee play and we'd meet for dinner at 7:30. I walked to MoMA for a 2 pm showing of a Chinese film, "The Other Half," about a young girl and her lowlife boyfriend in a modern China with pollution and crime problems. It finished around 4 and they were showing "Unfaithfully Yours" at 6, but that let out too late for dinner. I might have killed time in the Donnell Library, but that closed at 5. If I were from out of town, I would have found somewhere to sit (IBM atrium? Starbucks? Hotel lobby?) but instead went home after the movie and stayed there from 4:30-7.

Back in midtown, going to the restaurant I passed people waiting to get in to the sold-out Aretha Franklin concert at Radio City. I should have tried to get tickets for the newly added Friday show. Even though concerts are often too loud for me, this might have been worth it.

We ate at McCormick & Schmick's (in the former Equitable building, where I worked from 1975-9), and I had salmon again, this time stuffed with seafood. Also Maryland crab soup. Yummy. They were talking about the trashfastic mother/daughter pageant show "Crowned" and we were laughing so hard I was scared we'd get kicked out. Must watch this show!

Today, I was up in time to see "The Agony and the Ecstasy" at MoMA but talked myself into staying in. They have "Cleopatra" tomorrow but 251 minutes seems a bit much.

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