Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

I don't have to be going ALL the time

Even though I need to be here in the most exciting city in the world, I still crave time to read and watch and solve and vegetate inside. If I don't have to be somewhere, I tend to talk myself out of activity.

Yesterday the library branch half a block away was showing a Hitchcock movie I've never seen, for free, at 6 pm. I've never seen a movie there, and in fact haven't seen any Hitchcock movies other than "Psycho." So this would be a convenient, easy way to add to my list of classic movies.

I waited until Lynn Samuels was over at 3 to get dressed. I'd been neglecting Sirius (so many subscriptions, so little time!). I had some errands (bank, etc.), so got dressed and did them. Got back around 5. So there was time to catch up on TiVo which I hadn't done in weeks.

I cleared out the backlog of "Merv Griffin's Crosswords." These notes also include shows watched previously:

Ewww clues:
1/11 "Source of manpower" MEN

3/4 "Where buff, nice-looking guys can pick hot, available dishes" _ E _ _.
Gratuitous double entendre pun for MENU. No one got it.

Dumb, or what?:
1/14 "Tracing made of a heartbeat, briefly." Everyone rang in. The first person guessed EKG and after that was judged wrong, no one got the ECG they were looking for.

2/8 A spoiler chose the podium that was almost $2000 less, when he wasn't forced to (or I wasn't paying attention).

Final rounds:
Some contestants were excellent, some cringe-worthy. Pass, pass, pass. Helpful hint: Look at the crossings! And don't ask for the same clues multiple times when no new info has been revealed. I felt bad for the person 2/14 who couldn't get the last square (M) which crossed crosswordese AMENT and ELAM.

Some variation in "from California":
They added the contestants' cities. About time. A Canadian was from "Canada" instead of the province (probably really lived in California anyway).

Oh look, there's:
3/5 Sheila Gerstanzang. She had a great podium for a while, but another spoiler snatched it away.

During this MGC watching, it was soon 5:50. Still time to make the movie. And somehow... I talked myself out of it. I could always get it on Netflix or see it on TV, blah, blah, blah. I did have a Fresh Direct delivery later so at least I was dressed instead of in a bathrobe.

The delivery came toward the end of the designated time slot and by then I was starving. I'd gotten a bagel at the local not-as-good-as-H&H-or-Ess-a-Bagel-but-not-bad place when I was out (which wasn't hot - MUST ask for this!) but that was a while ago. I wanted to have my Ben & Jerry's frozen yogurt pint immediately. Except it wasn't very frozen: soft, not melted but getting there as were all my frozen items. Bleh. I put the food in the freezer, but now I'm wondering if the partially defrosted and refrozen food is safe. Time for a note to customer service. (Update: FD issued store credits only for the frozen yogurt and sorbet. I called and asked what about the Fudgsicles? And is the other frozen food even safe? They agreed to credit the entire freezer bag, so I can toss it without worrying that I'm throwing money away. Thank you, Fresh Direct!)

The rates came down to a reasonable level, so I renewed the delivery pass another year. Now that I'm locked in they'll probably have an even better offer. I wonder if Whole Foods will be open by the time this expires in March, 2009. Some girders are up, but it's far from being a building. Now I'm serenaded by the construction on the nearer buildings beginning around 7 a.m.

Since I wasn't going to the movie, I continued on TiVo to finish the MGCs and watch more of "Spellbound" (still on the intro segments of the contestants), 2006 Winter Olympics (ice dancing), and, uh, 2 episodes of "Cheerleader U." This is like "Cheerleader Nation" except it's about a co-ed college team in Florida instead of a girls' high school team in Kentucky.

Besides avoiding the library films, I've also been talking myself out of going back to MoMA. There was the tournament, and then I was working, but I'm free right now. Today's excuse is, the movies are free for everyone on Friday so I'd rather avoid crowds and go another time. The current Rex Harrison and Canadian slates are not as appealing as the Milos Forman retrospective, but still could be worth seeing.

Coming up is New Directors/New Films but that's not included in the MoMA membership (just a discount), and nothing jumps out at me. If these end up getting nominated for Spirit Awards, I'll see them later anyway. If I'm going to pay $10 for a movie, I'd rather it be at the Tribeca fest. I still don't know if I'm getting a pass/package; it depends on the lineup and if you're forced to commit to specific films.

One book finished: "CosmoGIRL! Games: Crosswords" by Matt Gaffney. Not my demographic and not my skill level - better suited for teen girls. But I knew that when I bought it.

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