Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Laundry time again

The tournament weekend always looms up ahead like a huge barrier, and after that...what? Still not quite back to normal. I want to get back into a heavy rotation of reading, movies, and TV (and I never stop doing puzzles), but had to take care of other things today.

I feel like I just did Uptown puzzles and laundry, but both were again due. Uptown is usually pretty clean but I caught a few things. One was a semi-duplicate entry which turned out to be caused by a late grid change, so it had to be changed back.

Laundry. I used one triple-load washer and one double, which came out cheaper than 3 doubles. On weekends the 2 triple washers are usually busy, but not on a Monday afternoon. I put everything through twice, to avoid detergent allergy problems. When I went back down, I forgot I'd done this, looked at the dryers, and panicked wondering why my stuff wasn't there, or out in a cart. That's because it was still in the washing machines.

Five out of the six $1.50/30 minute dryers had signs indicating out of order and the other was in use, so I used a .25/5 minute dryer. At first, I didn't push the buttons correctly and it said I had 5 minutes coming, but then I realized you had to keep pushing "start," and the remaining time then read 29 minutes. This machine was either ineffective or also broken, as the load was very damp when I retrieved it. By then, the one working 30 minute dryer was free so I moved the wash there, and it did indeed dry hot and fluffy.

For once, I left more items in the laundry room bookshelf than I took. I won a Webster's Geog at the tournament, and left the slightly older edition it replaced. I also put a sudoku book there that I knew I'd never solve. I took 2 books but brought back one (a Linda Fairstein mystery) I turned out to already have.

The Museum of the Moving Image is closing shortly for renovation and won't reopen until late 2009. This would be alarming if I had a stand-alone membership, but since I'm a member through IFP it's no big deal (the Spirit Awards screenings alone made that membership worth it). They'll still have programs offsite, which might be more convenient than going to Astoria.

Got word from Emily Cureton that my puzzle palace tote is on its way. I'm also getting a T-shirt and notecard.

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