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Crossword and other miscellany

The tournament site has links to several articles and blogs, including this one. Some that stood out were a discussion of the judging room, this excellent article, and this discussion of the B finals including all participants. And more! Oh, go read them all.

Then there's still more "look at all the nerds" snark from Gawker (I felt compelled to comment - and ohmigod, Gawker let the comment through. I thought you had to be too cool for the room to be allowed Gawker commenting privileges) and nasty they-must-be-jealous commenting here (thanks for the link, Tyler; you could annihilate those bozos in a crossword challenge any day).

Discuss: Jim Jenista, good or bad for crossworders' image? I think he's a riot.

Over on YouTube, my "Wordplay" segment keeps getting seen, but Tyler's solving demo has topped it in only a week.

I was helping out at Crossword Central yesterday when storm winds blew down a nearby tree and the power went out including the phone lines. Scary. Immediately hopped on a train back to the city, which took over 2 hours due to signaling problems.

Tyler's bully boy commenters could have been the really loud drunken-sounding people on my train. Who must be related to the biiiittcchh kids in back of the bus. Loud, drunken people scare me.

Speaking of scary, I'm NOT giving links to pictures from the weekend that make me look fat and double-chinned (uh, maybe because I am). Still, I don't think I'd ever go under the knife for wattle removal.

In my tournament reports, I forgot to mention my confusion on puzzle 2 between two sighs of relief which I've alluded to in other entries. I was finally able to parse the across theme entry.

During the Trogdor recruiting, Byron revealed he would be judging. This had me scared he'd be constructing a tournament puzzle. His end-of-week puzzles take me forever; I'm never on his wavelength. The alternative - Byron competing - was pretty scary too. But we got the best of all situations, with Byron just being there as a non-constructing judge.

Besides not having the traditional post-haircut bagel, another bad omen on pre-tournament Thursday was my glass toothpaste mug falling to the floor and breaking. I'm such a klutz I'm surprised it lasted even that long. I cleaned up the shards as best I could, shook out the bath mat and put it in the laundry pile, and wondered where my other bath mats were. Oh right, they're draped over the air conditioners to cut down the draft. I found an old blue towel/mat which doesn't match the pink bathroom, but better not matching than glass splinters.

Star mag of 8/27/07 quotes a casting director saying "Wonder Woman will show the world that Katie [Holmes] is a serious actress and savvy Hollywood player." Wonder Woman serious? Guess Chekhov and Shakespeare were busy.

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