Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

I haven't had a chance to decompress, since I've been working nonstop since the weekend. Today I've done nothing except update my blog. I needed the down time.

This week at the Times was like last week, where we processed the Sunday puzzle on Wednesday and the dailies Thursday. The Thursdays came late enough that I was able to have lunch with puzzlers.

I recently finished these books:

"Sit & Solve Travel Cryptic Crosswords" by Henry Hook - I actually did most of these while traveling (on trains) and they suited that purpose. I'm bad enough at cryptics that I sometimes looked at answers I was too impatient to ponder.

"People Puzzler Book" - A beautiful, glossy book with new crosswords like the ones in People magazine, and a few reprints. I found some errors, but it wasn't too bad. My fastest time on the 13's was 2:10.

"Have You Found Her" by Janice Erlbaum - I got this through Library Thing's Early Reviewers group (thank you!) and wrote this review:

Janice Erlbaum briefly lived in a homeless shelter when she was a teen and wanted to give back 20 years later. As the "bead lady" she brought craft projects to the residents but soon became attached - WAY too attached - to one girl in particular. Supporting Sam as she went from the shelter to hospitals and other facilities, Janice shared her ups and downs and found that all was not as it seemed. This reads like a novel, but life doesn't always wrap up loose ends neatly.

I'll add that being the goody-goody I am, I wasn't thrilled with the author's constant pot smoking even while she was helping drug addicts. She claims at the end of the book that she stopped. I don't even like when fictional characters do this stuff.

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