Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Puzzle Books, Get Yer Puzzle Books Here

Edited to add: ALL BOOKS ARE TAKEN.  Thanks!

I discovered I have duplicates of puzzles I've already done, and will give the book(s) to the first person who comments to claim (one per person, to share the wealth). To be distributed at Stamford in Brooklyn:

Henry Hook, "Hard to Solve Puzzles" - I thought, Ooh, here are some good puzzles I can do when I discovered this is the SAME as "Twisted Crosswords" which I already did. Crossword varieties, highly recommended.

"Beat the Champs Crossword Puzzles" - originally from Crossw_ord magazine, each puzzle has the solving time for me, Jon and Doug. Not only was I one of the champs but this is a SECOND copy which I somehow have.

NYT Tough Crossword Puzzles, vol. 9 (ed. Will Shortz) - originally appeared in the NYT in 1997 and 1998. I started proofreading NYTs in 1996 so I must have done these already.

Stanley Newman's "Coffee Time Word Games" - various types of word games. I proofread this, too.

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