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Every year host M manages to outdo himself at the Oscar party. We started at 2 this year and the activities took every minute.

First was a movie crossword where the finished grid turned into a word search diagram with 7 Best Picture titles hidden. I finished the puzzle early, but had trouble finding the movies. After being given the enumerations, I finally found the last 5-letter title, only to be told by the hyper-competitive M2, "You didn't get THAT one?"

We then did "Jeopardy!" The categories for the first round were the titles of the Best Picture nominees, and the double categories were other nominated titles. M2 remembered the scores of LAST year's game. I don't even remember this year's result, and it was only a few hours ago.

Then there was a game with 4 movies revealed one at a time and we had to figure out what they had in common, and then find a movie with that attribute among 25 movie posters hanging on a string at the front. These included: starred a Kevin, directed by Coppola (surprisingly hard), had golf terms in the title, had a first word that could be reversed to make another word, featured the Statue of Liberty. There were 2 teams, but no one cared about scores except M2.

Finally, we did a Split Second game too complicated to explain at this hour (I'm still up from yesterday). Then the pizza arrived (I had plain and chicken), and after that it was time for the red carpet shows. We went from E! to Regis and kept seeing the same people (like Miley Cyrus - why?). The weather was rainy, not ideal for gowns and hair.

Then the Oscars. Cards for the nominees were randomly distributed. This year the winners chose a poster from the string from the earlier game, and got an appropriate prize for that movie. Lots of cute novelty items. I only had 3 winners, including Diablo Cody for "Juno" which I wasn't thrilled about. At least it didn't get Best Picture. I was glad the song from "Once" won, and even happier when they brought back Marketa to give her acceptance speech. The Actress wins were surprising, but overall the show was blah.

And Jon Stewart never mentioned his appearance in a certain movie. Darn.

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