Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

If this were next week, I wouldn't be that upset if someone's plane couldn't get here

Like the teacher used to say when the class was glued to the windows, "What's the matter? Haven't you ever seen snow before?"

People go nuts and panic when there's any amount of snow. They even cancel things when there's a snow forecast without a drop of actual snow. We're such wimps.

Having said that, when I saw what was going on outside I stayed cozily put instead of possibly seeing movies. I may do the same tomorrow. I've been out so much lately I need some inactivity.

I had a dream about the tournament, where the hotel was connected to a busy shopping mall, and I was frantically going up escalators and could not find the ballroom.

The first thing I did when finally rising (around 2:30, gotta move the schedule back!) was a puzzle from the People book and my hand immediately hurt. I still went through more than 10 of these 13's, finished the movie section and started the TV. It's a beautiful book though I've found a few small errors. There are also occasional errors in the magazine puzzle, and I'd write them and offer to proofread but I don't really want more work.

I'm also doing Henry Hook's "Terribly Twisted Crosswords," a Maleska-era NYT puzzle calendar, and old Universals and USA Todays online. I forgot to update the year in the little file where I keep track of what day I'm on, so actually used an old blog entry to figure it out. We had:

Universal 3/15/02 - RUBICSCUBE in the grid (confirmed by the answer). The crossing for the wrong C was DECORS which couldn't have been DEKORS. I might have excused them if it was DECA/DEKA or CARAT/KARAT.

Universal 4/1/02 - "Adjective for Richard's Almanac" POOR. Isn't Richard the poor one, not the almanac?

USA Today 12/2/03 - "Dance, when doubled" C _ _. I confidently filled in CHA, and it turned out to be CAN (my bad, not theirs).

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