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As the days tick off closer and closer to the tournament, I go through that mental thing I always go through, dread and panic. Aside from that...

I worked all day Sunday, from around 1 pm to 12:30 a.m.

Then Monday was all movies at MoMA:

"Audition" and a short, "Decathlon" - I'm afraid I just don't get these early Milos Forman films and I don't think I'll be seeing any more. My comfort zone is fairly narrow and there are few reference points for me in '60s Czechoslovakia.

"Hair" - I didn't see the show or movie, but had the Broadway cast album in high school and knew every note of it. The singers and arrangements in the movie are often different, but still enjoyable. I don't know how much plot was in the show, but there was a story to the movie that was surprisingly poignant at the end. I never had much love for hippies but I liked this movie. The audience in the packed house went "Awwww" when Nell Carter appeared in some musical numbers, and applauded and cheered at the end.

"Amadeus" - When I came out of "Hair" L was near the front of the line (and could hear the applause), so we had our choice of seats. The music in "Amadeus" was more opera than I would have liked (I like NO opera), but it still sounded great. I studied Mozart's "Requiem" in music class, have a recording, and have seen it live, so appreciated that piece's part in the plot. I'm not sure how much is true and how much apocryphal but it all made for a good movie, excellently shot and recorded. This audience applauded a bit, but not as much as earlier.

Afterward, I had moussaka in a Greek diner that was about to close for the night, not that they were PRESSURING us to finish. Then I took the Broadway bus home with some noisy teenagers in the back. One woman commented she'd seen three-year-olds that were better behaved, so then they mocked her: "Three-year-olds are a BITTTCCCH. Granny's a BIIITTTCH." LOUDLY. Ick, spoiled kids.

More work Tuesday, at the NYT. And I worked again all day Wednesday, lest people think all I do is watch movies and read. That may be all I WANT to do, but one must be responsible. Still, I just turned down more work. Bad timing (due 3/9? I don't THINK so!), plus I believe I've already done all the puzzles (reprints).

The cauliflower I cooked yesterday was so large I used the big Le Creuset pot and had leftovers for a future casserole. I'm not making much of a dent in this week's Fresh Direct delivery. I think I need to skip a week. They drop your slot if you miss 2 weeks and I'll definitely miss next week's (will be in - eek! - Brooklyn at the normal delivery time). Maybe it's time to switch my slot. This delivery pass only has a month to go.

I finished "100 Wonderful Crosswords" by Pete Naish. I think these 13's are syndicated puzzles by a known constructor under a pseudonym. I never complain that puzzles are "too easy" (that is soooo snobby) but maybe these were. Sometimes I even did just the downs. Not the best practice, but I'm running out of books. I finished the crosswords in Uncle John's 2-4. Maybe I'll work on Henry Hook's crossword variations as practice in twisty thinking. I also have a People puzzle book and piles of New York mags with undone Maura Jacobsons.

I came home around 10 pm and everyone on the street was looking up at the sky. I looked up too and saw the moon in shadow. Found out later what the fuss was all about.

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