Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

After seeing double features of Spirit Awards nominees for six weeks (I did vote, online), I can't seem to stop seeing multiple movies. Especially when they're prepaid with a membership.

I was aiming to get to MoMA for the 3:30 "Valmont" showing. If that was sold out I was going to try "Serambi," about the tsunami. The second movie would be Milos Forman's 1966 Czech "A Well-Paid Walk/A Walk Worthwhile" at 6.

Waiting on the ticket line a woman offered me her "Valmont" ticket. She's a member too so it was free. I stayed on line and got a 6 pm ticket as well as more advance tix for Monday.

It was pretty late, but they delayed the start of the movie so everyone could be seated. It wasn't officially sold out, but very close. The movie was a lushly costumed tale of 18th-century France, really well done. I probably should see "Dangerous Liaisons" for comparison.

I then went to the other slightly smaller theater for the 6 pm show, which WAS officially sold out by then. I hadn't read the description carefully (I like to go in with no expectations), but maybe should have because almost all the lines were SUNG. It was a kind of goofy opera (originally on Czech TV) with exaggerated characters and not much plot. People were walking out constantly. I knew it was only 72 minutes so figured I could survive, plus I really hate to walk out on anything. But boy, I didn't like this at all. Maybe you have to be a '60s Czech cineaste. I overheard a woman in back of me saying it was "hilarious" but not to me. Sorry, Milos, can't win 'em all.

No movies Sunday, I'm working.

I finished a book: "A Way of Life, Like Any Other" by Darcy O'Brien. This 1977 Hollywood novel was published in a new edition with an intro by Seamus Heaney, which indicated it would be more literary than usual. And I didn't like it. It's more a coming of age and family dynamics story than Hollywood dirtfest. My taste is terminally trashy.

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