Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

I don't usually make plans on Wednesdays since I never know when I'll be done at the Times. I was able to work the recent Spirit Awards screenings into this schedule, so I wondered if I should make plans anyway if something good came up.

There was an opportunity to see "Spiderwick Chronicles" at 6:30 at Lincoln Square. This meant I'd need to be done around 5:30. I finished the Sunday puzzle at 3:15 and the dailies came about a half hour later. At that point, I checked the web site and the movie was still available. I started reserving and stopped just short of hitting enter. What if the puzzles were more complicated than I'd thought? So I went on with the work, checked again around 4:30 when it was clear I'd be able to make it - and the movie was no longer available. Oh well.

There was a documentary at MoMA on graffiti artists at 6, and one about Brother Theodore at 8:15. I talked myself out of both; it was cutting it too close for the first (well, maybe not, but that's what I told myself) and I didn't want to hang around until the second. I'll get there eventually.

I went home and heated the half a cauliflower casserole left from yesterday. That was unusual not to have the whole thing; the cauliflower was bigger than usual and I had to use an extra pot to cook it all.

I signed up for an entertainment mailing list. It asked for birthdate, and the earliest year was 1955 and after that it's just "old." How's that for a hearty welcome? I already e-mailed them and reminded them that old people are the ones with the money.

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