Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

My Marriott credit card sent me an offer for a $100 coupon. Oh good, maybe I can use this for the tournament since I don't have anywhere near enough points to get a free night. But wait, the coupon is only issued if you put $25,000 on the card during a calendar year.

$25,000? Do they think people are buying, like, CARS with this credit card? Not gonna happen.

When I heard the "feels like below-zero" weather report this morning, I was glad to have no reason to go outside. There's enough food on hand, and the movie screenings are done (they even sent two screener DVDs in the mail, for movies I'd already seen).

Now that the movie crunch is past, I should be finishing more books. The latest was Tama Janowitz' "Slaves of New York" which I'd long heard about through the alumnae magazine and other media. I didn't realize it wasn't a novel, but a series of short stories, some with recurring characters. These people are '80s downtown artists and hipsters, many downright bizarre. Disappointing.

I often feel like there's something I should be doing, but what? On Tuesday I had that feeling and realized it was voting. By then, it was late afternoon and I had to choose between stopping at the post office or voting before going to that night's movie. I went to the PO. Bad citizen.

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