Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

In the Spirit

Tonight was the last Spirit Awards screening: "Talk To Me," about DC DJ Petey Greene. Don Cheadle and Chiwetel Ejiofor are both nominated for acting. I loved this movie, and especially the 60s-70s R&B soundtrack.

I didn't stay for "Juno" which I've already seen, but my guest L stuck around.

There were a few movies whose screenings I missed. This afternoon, I tried to watch a streamed nominated movie online but stopped after 6 minutes as my noisy computer obscured the dialogue. I'll try again, possibly with headphones. There's also the laptop, but the screen is smaller. And I MUST watch that doc DVD and return it to Netflix to have any hope of getting the second doc in time to vote.

I've made my choices (so far), but won't say how I'm voting. Maybe after the results come out.

This was my second year as a Spirit Awards voter and it was great seeing movies I might not otherwise get to. Only a few clunkers in the bunch. A very positive experience. Thank you, IFP. Thank you, Tribeca Cinemas.

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