Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

I handed in Uptown puzzles today, which was way too clean. It's more fun proofreading when there are a lot of errors.

The Spirit Awards screenings are in the home stretch. Tomorrow's the last night, and then I need to watch two DVDs and one online stream before voting online on Wednesday. Last year we voted by ordering the choices in each category 1-2-3-4-5, but this year we just pick the winners. I've been ordering as we go along to make it easier.

After this is over, I want to start using the MoMA membership and see more movies, and get a list together of old MEA selections to Netflix or TiVo.

Movies and reading and puzzles are my idea of a good time.

I saw:

"Once" - light on plot, but sweet-natured with appealing, effective music. I'm listening to the soundtrack on Rhapsody now.

"The Band's Visit" - a visiting Egyptian band ends up in the wrong town in Israel through a series of missteps. Also sweet-natured, funny, touching.

"Year of the Dog" - given my feelings about animals, the dog part of this was like a horror movie, but the human story was interesting and amusing.

"Interview" - Sienna Miller is up for best actress playing an actress being interviewed, and it was a strong performance, but this Steve Buscemi film was a bit stagy and overdramatic (which maybe was the point).

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