Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

I finished "Wordplay Crosswords 2" by Richard Silvestri. Quick 15's. This book has nothing to do with a certain movie. Next, I'm doing the crosswords in Uncle John's puzzle books #3 and 4. And maybe 2; I did some of the proofreading on that one, but it was a few years ago. If I don't remember NYT puzzles I did 2 weeks ago, there's no danger of remembering these.

I'm current on online puzzles including Newsday/Creators. I'm also occasionally doing Universal (just finished 2001) and USA Today (done through 11/27/03), but won't be catching up completely. This is "training" but underneath it all, I love doing crosswords. Well, duh!

Last night, the print for the 7pm movie hadn't arrived, so they showed the 9 pm movie twice. This was good news, as I could get out early. The filmmaker Chris Eska was supposed to do a Q&A after the second showing, but they apparently reached him in time and he was there for my group, too. The movie was "August Evening" (up for the Cassavetes Award for low-budget feature) about a Latino family struggling to make ends meet in south Texas. It was quite good. Pedro Castenada, a first-time actor, was also nominated which is amazing considering his competition is Don Cheadle, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Tony Leung, and Frank Langella.

It's unclear if the earlier movie can be rescheduled before the votes are due, but it's available for online streaming so that's always a possibility.

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