Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

The 90210 alums must have great publicists. Not only did Tori Spelling get a cover story when she had a baby (which treated her like she was the only person ever to have a baby), but the August 6 People (at least, I think it was People; I tore out the page) had a cover story on Jason Priestley's new baby. That's Jason Priestley. In 2007. I can see mentioning it, but was that the most important celeb news item that week to warrant the cover?

In more current news, Carla Bruni married the president of France. She's the new Pamela Harriman.

"Lady Chatterley" was last night's movie (no double feature, since it was almost 3 hours long). The movie is in French, but set in England, based on D.H. Lawrence's story. The pace was slow, and I wouldn't call it boring, but it wasn't exciting either. The lovers go from practically fully-clothed sex to cavorting naked outdoors. I never felt any chemistry.

This is the last week of Spirit Award screenings, and then I'll get my life back. Oh wait, what life? Since there was just one movie, it was nice to get out a little early.

I considered going to the parade for about 5 seconds, and then remembered I know nothing about football.

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