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Michael Clayton

I've seen a ton of movies through IFP, not only the current Spirit Awards nominees but other screenings throughout the year. Membership includes the Museum of the Moving Image, but I've only been there once ("An Inconvenient Truth") since the original "Wordplay" showing that introduced me to the museum and then to IFP in the first place. I've seen many events on the museum schedule that look interesting, but always seem to talk myself out of going. Yeah, it's in Astoria, but having been there, I know it's not THAT big a trip - 3 stops into Queens, 4 blocks from the subway.

Checking the online museum schedule, I noticed a new listing - a showing of "Michael Clayton" Saturday at 7, for members only. This is still playing in regular theaters, and I have AMC passes (from MyPoints) that I could use. I do want to see Oscar nominees, but there was no real urgency to go to Astoria. I was ready to stay in when I noticed the listing had an RSVP phone number. Well, maybe I'd call and if it's closed out, so be it. It was already 5 pm and I had just showered and could still make it. I called, was transferred, and got a live person who took my reservation. OK, I guess I was going.

I looked up the directions again, hoped the subways were running their normal routes, and headed out around 6. Once out of the subway, I had momentary confusion about which direction to go down Steinway (but if I was wrong I'd know pretty soon), but was correct and soon saw the museum.

There was a sign saying all coats and bags must be checked, and a diagram of how big your bag needed to be to be checked (mine is bigger). I asked if I should check my stuff, and they said, only if you want to. The museum was closed except for the screening, so maybe that's a good sign that MoMA won't make me check my pocketbook.

I found a good middle seat, tried to read my magazine (too dark), looked through the museum's upcoming events (nothing caught my eye), and then the movie started. I liked it a lot. It was an engrossing tale of corporate evil and lawyers that reminded me of "The Verdict." It's probably also like "The Insider" but I haven't seen that. George Clooney is such a MAN! I'll reserve judgment on Oscar chances until I see more of the nominees. Whether it wins or not, it was definitely worth seeing.

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