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What did we do before the Internet? In my magazine reading, some questions came up: Is Suge Knight alive, and what has Winona Ryder been doing lately? I easily found the answers online. Before the Internet, I doubt I'd care enough to make the effort to research these. And where would I even look?

I received a renewal form for US. Other magazines had worse offers available online than what was mailed, but this time I could do better online (5 more issues bonus for the same price). Now I just need to remember I did this, and not re-renew as has happened before. I used to keep a database with all my magazines, and maybe that needs to be resurrected.

A brand-new copy of "Winston Breen" arrived without gluey attachments. I still have to send back the old one.

I started using FitDay.com to record my weight and food intake (and exercise, which is currently nonexistent). I've been vigilant about this for over 30 years, but am still fatter than I'd like. Time of life and all that (I remember my mother saying this and thinking, "Yeah, right," but it's true).

I'm wondering if I should go back to the exact food plan (called Diet Control) that I lost weight on in the 70s when they gave classes at Equitable. I still basically do it (yay, unlimited vegetables!), but have gotten looser about prepared foods and instead of milk/fruit/bread/protein, I've just been counting "things." Originally, the only frozen dessert allowed was Carvel Thinny Thin (which was recently reintroduced and is actually pretty fattening, according to the Carvel site), but I can approximate the allotments for other frozen yogurts and diet ice creams.

I received the paper ballot for the Spirit Awards, though I'll probably vote online. There are some additional awards (Someone To Watch, Piaget Producers, and IFC Truer Than Fiction) where the movies aren't in the New York screening schedule but are being shown in LA. My paper ballot (which said "New York") did not include these. I was thinking of going to the Museum of the Moving Image to see one of those nominees, "Chop Shop," but stayed home since I won't be voting in those categories. I'll use any excuse to stay home, especially in winter.

I hadn't heard of Friday's movies, and didn't hurry to get there. I arrived just before they started, and it was crowded enough that I had to sit in the third row. At least it wasn't the first row. I saw:

"2 Days in Paris" - Julie Delpy wrote, directed, and starred with Adam Goldberg (who research shows is her ex) in this amusing story of a 30-something couple visiting the girl's family (played by Delpy's real-life parents) in Paris. Fun early moment: Goldberg gives completely wrong directions to a group of American Da Vinci code-seekers wearing Bush/Cheney T-shirts.

"The Owl and the Sparrow" - Vietnamese film that started slowly and then sucked you in, about a little orphaned girl making her way in Saigon while trying to matchmake the adults she meets.

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