Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

After being up all night Tuesday (amazingly, since I was really tired after 2 movies and going to the NYT), I stayed dressed and went out and mailed books, and picked up at-homes to grade. I also checked my estranged Associated and they still do not have the items I like (probably never will). One of the health food stores had diet blondies but they felt like hockey pucks so I passed.

No movies Wednesday. On Thursday they suggested coming early since it might be crowded. I got there half an hour early and it did fill up, though not as packed as for "4 Months..." The night's program was:

"The Savages" - Laura Linney was nominated for an Oscar, but the Spirit nominees are Philip Seymour Hoffman, Tamara Jenkins (director and screenplay), and the cinematographer. The movie, about siblings putting an estranged parent into a nursing home, was well done but a downer. Getting old sucks. I wasn't used to Laura Linney with darker hair. I don't find Hoffman physically appealing (and he probably would say the same about me), but he's a really good actor. (edited to add: there is a brief mention of the NPR Sunday puzzle with Will)

"The Pool" - another journey to India, this time to the crossword-friendly GOA where a young hotel worker becomes fascinated with a beautiful private swimming pool and the father and daughter who live there. In a Q&A, filmmaker Chris Smith said the older male lead is a big star in India, so they're optimistic about distribution there (and also here; our friends at Cinetic are involved). Despite directing actors in a language he doesn't speak (Hindi), Smith did an impressive job.

After seeing this latest unreleased nominee and wondering how it could be eligible, I checked the rules. Turns out movies don't need to have a theatrical release to be nominated, but can show at one of six festivals (including Sundance). Even more indie than I thought.

In the spirit of awards season, I received an envelope shaped and sealed like the ones at the Oscars, containing the invite to the annual Oscar party. The host outdid himself, with posters for "There Will Be Food," "Amusement" and "It'll Be Wild" having the identical artwork and fonts as the movies.

I got a welcome e-mail for the Entertainment Book, which was weird since I already received the book last month. The account page claimed I'd ordered 2 books, and I figured I'd have to contact customer service. Then a later e-mail said to disregard the previous one, so that's good. I'll make sure the credit card isn't charged again.

The mail also brought a brochure from MoMA, which hadn't sent anything since the December events listing came in January. This mailing was about education programs, but it was addressed to a Mr. CW with my correct address and apartment number. The building directory shows that addressee does live here, but his apartment number is nothing like mine. I wonder if they've combined our records. I e-mailed to ask.

Sometimes I think everyone is drunk/on drugs, since they can't seem to get things right. As long as it's not airplane pilots or doctors, it's more annoying than life-threatening.

Speaking of which, fingers crossed for J who is undergoing surgery soon.

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