Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

TiVo moment of truth

I've watched very little TV for months and the TiVo moment of truth has finally come - there's almost no space left, and I'm going to have to delete some "save until I delete" shows. These are almost all WWTBAMs, with a few unwatched Jeopardy UTOCs (as well as a few things I want to keep, such as Willz's 60 Minutes which I'm in, and Queer Eye with my ex-coworker Josh).

So tonight I'll either watch a few shows or bite the bullet and (gasp) delete some without watching.

I felt I had to watch every single episode of my show (not that anyone else did), but since it's now my ex-show is it really necessary?

Oh, and for those who might suggest moving things from TiVo to VCR tape, I can't. Corey set the whole thing up but needed another cable in order to do TiVo-to-VCR. I would have no idea how to begin.

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