Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Winston has glue on him

I received my copy of Winston Breen from Amazon.com. Unfortunately, packed with the book was a white plastic bag (ad) for donating used cell phones. This was attached to the book with glue. Peeling it off left gluey residue on the bottom of the back cover which I could not fully remove. So the book, which I intend to keep in my permanent collection, has gunk on the cover which is totally Amazon's fault.

I called and asked if they could just replace the cover (the book itself is fine), but that's not possible. They'll send a postpaid label for me to return the book, and send a replacement book. Since I don't have a printer (yeah, yeah, I know) and was just at the Times today, it'll be at least a week before I can print the label. This runs into the possibility that the return will get there after 30 days. They said they couldn't send a physical label.

They agreed to waive the date requirement, and also said they'd give me a $10 promotional credit. "That would be very lovely," I replied.

So I hope this all works out. Whose brilliant idea was it to enclose gluey ads that ruin the merchandise? Yeesh. If the replacement comes with the same ad, I give up.

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