Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

If I thought I did nothing last weekend, this one was even more inactive, or maybe it seemed that way since it was 3 days (though when you're freelancing, every day's the weekend). That's OK, I enjoy being inactive, especially when it's cold.

There was a funny smell coming from the refrigerator which I assumed to be the remaining Cornish hen, so I threw it out. First I salvaged the onions and ate them warm.

The Fresh Direct order which came Saturday had a salad bag expiring today. They really don't give you much time.

I finished:

"Crasswords: Dirty Crosswords for Cunning Linguists" by lunchboy - Unless Will drastically changes the puzzles, this book is not good practice for the tournament. But lots of fun (if crude). On second thought, it could be good practice in making sure you understand puns.

"Mergers & Acquisitions" by Dana Vachon - recent college grads enter the shark-filled waters of investment banking. Lots of excess and decadence, painted with broad strokes. The problem was, I didn't like any of the characters.

"Raise the Roof" by Pat Summitt - The Tennessee Lady Vols' coach chronicles the team's try for its third straight college basketball championship in 1998. I loved "The Last Shot" about high school basketball (and Brooklyn and oh so much more), but this was just not as gripping.

I put the last 2 up for trade and they were snapped up within minutes. In fact, 22 people on Paperbackswap.com had "Mergers..." on their wish lists. This means I'll need to go to the PO soon, as I also have 2 more books that were requested in the last few days.

Oscar noms were just announced. Boy, I haven't seen many of these. After the Spirit voting is over, I'll think about seeing some of the bigger Oscar nominees if available. I'm feeling about "Juno" a little of the same way I did about "Little Miss Sunshine" - what is all the fuss about? Best Picture? Still, I didn't like "Sunshine" much at all and "Juno" is pretty good, just not OMIGOD GREAT!

My favorite documentary (and one of my favorites of 2007, period), "The King of Kong," got zippo. No Spirit nom either.

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