Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Not hunting

While everyone is at the MIT Mystery Hunt (I'm compiling a perfect record of never having gone), I'm still seeing movies.

Tonight my cousin R was coming and I told her to be there 10 minutes ahead. I got there about 20 minutes early, and was surprised that the place was already filling up rapidly (and that they weren't using the larger theater, as they did last Friday). I put my coat over 2 seats and went out to wait. I went back in at one point to tell the people in the adjoining seats that I indeed was coming back. People were streaming in and I got scared someone might move the coat aside. One woman walked in and greeted me like she knew me. Unless my cousin had changed a lot, that wasn't her, and this woman soon said she felt like she knew me from, well, you know. She brought over her friend, who had worked on publicity in some way for our movie, but who DIDN'T recognize me. Go figure.

Anyway, R soon came and the seats were intact. It was almost as crowded as the Romanian film last night, though there was an empty seat in our row and maybe a handful here and there. The movie was "Persepolis" (best foreign film nominee, France) a mostly black-and-white animated story of a young girl's coming of age in Iran. After the shah's ouster, fundamentalists came into power, resulting in a society especially repressive for women. Based on a graphic novel, the movie's drawings were whimsical and the story was well told.

R was tired at the end of a long week, and left after the first movie, as did about 2/3 of the room. I stayed for the next selection, "Quiet City," up for the Cassavetes Award for budgets under $500K. It reminded me of last year's "Four Eyed Monsters" and indeed both are in the "Mumblecore" genre of slight, stories of 20-something personal relationships. Afterward, the filmmaker and male star did a Q&A and said this film cost under $5K, strictly bare bones. Not a lot happened, but it looked good, with nice shots of New York. Scenes on the subway were done in the middle of the night without official sanction, and much of the dialogue is improv.

Last week I said there were 3 more weeks to go of these Spirit Awards screenings, but I was wrong: NOW there are 3 more weeks to go. I feel like I live there, but it's not a bad place to live.

We let out earlyish (around 10:40) and I went to the ATM (finally) and then the supermarket, but they didn't have my preferred juice or frozen dessert flavors. They had muffins. I didn't want a 4-pack since that's really too much and none of the packages had an ideal combination, so I got 2 individual muffins, on sale for 2/$3. The cashier gave me a nice break and charged just $1 total, since it was late.

Walking home without gloves or scarf (I had them, but didn't put them on) in the brisk but not uncomfortable cold, it almost felt nice enough to stay outside, but I'm not crazy enough to read on the terrace in January after midnight.

Mail call: Quicken sent a notice that support would cease for the 2005 version unless I upgraded to 2008. This means I can't download from financial institutions, so I was forced to upgrade. What a racket. They also did this in 2005 when I had the 2001 version. The last upgrade had to be downloaded online, but it messed me up and they had to send the CD. This time they mailed a CD, but I still held my breath as I updated, taking care to back up the file first. It seems to work. I got the premium version, for its investment tracking features, which tell me that right now, the market's really bad.

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