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Beyond the blah

I finally received "Beyond the Blonde." This is the book that was mistakenly sent to someone else and we were supposed to switch (see http://ennienyc.livejournal.com/197089.html etc.). I was going to send the person a FedEx slip (under the original owner's account number) but instead just reminded her (again) by e-mail. She sent it Media Mail. After all that, I probably shouldn't wait years to read it.

Except for onions, I'm down to frozen vegetables. Time for a Fresh Direct order. But they're booked through Saturday afternoon! I thought it was bad that you couldn't order for the next day after 11 pm, but 4 days wait is unacceptable. Partly my fault for still failing to reserve a weekly slot in advance, but I hate to commit. I just reserved, but am not sure I'll be keeping the time I chose.

Putting in my usual shopping list items, the total seemed high. Zucchini - $3.49/lb? Cauliflower - $4.99/head? I'll check some produce stands. They're also out of things I usually get, like diet Fudgsicles. FD probably won't be getting as much business when Whole Foods opens nearby.

Speaking of Whole Foods, the construction noise starts around 7 am, but I can sleep through it. They've also started working on the buildings on my side of the street so it'll be noisy for a while.

Books finished:

"The 25-Foot-Long Crossword Puzzle" by Frank Longo - Usually "world's longest" puzzles are quantity over quality, but Nucky always comes through. I did this in a few sittings, 4:59 (hours). However, it's not a real time because at the end, I looked up a few words in the quote to get unstuck. I need to practice not giving up and getting over the seemingly unsolvable hump to the "aha" moment.

"Beautiful Bodies" by Laura Shaine Cunningham - On a snowy night, six New York women gather for a baby shower. It feels almost theatrical, with a single setting and some flashbacks. Eh.

Tonight's a night off from movies. Last night was:

"Margot at the Wedding" - I wasn't aware of this movie's theatrical release (that's what you get when you're still reading July EW's), but it stars Jennifer Jason Leigh (nominated) and Nicole Kidman as estranged sisters in a talky, self-absorbed family. I also wasn't aware Leigh has been married to the movie's director Noah Baumbach since September 2005 (must have read it, but promptly forgot). I really did not need to see Jack Black nude.

"A Mighty Heart" - knowing how this ended did not make it any less moving. Angelina Jolie (nominated) was surprisingly good, but there's still the "sleazy femme fatale who's trying to be Mother Teresa" and "why didn't Halle Berry get this part?" going through my mind. They really captured the atmosphere of South Asia, which in turn made me grateful to live here.

I stayed seated during the break between movies and when I got up to leave my leg was cramped. It hurt to bend it and to walk up and down stairs, but I managed the subway and got home OK. The leg was still hurting and I wondered if I had tendinitis and if it was better to rest it or exercise it. I had no Motrin, but took aspirin twice and it's now feeling better. Still hurts a little when I bend it. It's scary not to be mobile.

I have 3 packages to mail and need groceries, but stayed in today to rest the leg.

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