Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Pampering with food

Food is comfort. I'm glad I have an appetite, and I'm treating myself with the best.

The Fresh Direct delivery was supposed to come 8-10 pm last night, but arrived at 10:21 - first time they've been less than prompt. I complained, hoping to get a credit, but just got an apology in return.

I ate almost nothing all day in anticipation of the delivery. Because I was so hungry by the time the food came, I had the matzo balls (ultimate comfort food!) cold, without the soup. I also had a chunk of Madrigal cheese, yogurt, and a huge Asian pear. Tonight, I'm cooking zucchini, green pepper, and pasta shells in the matzo ball broth, and will bake it with shredded cheese.

My produce drawer is packed (more zucchini, green and red peppers, carrots, Asian pear, fresh pineapple), and my freezer also has interesting stuff (spinach-feta munchies, spinach egg rolls, spinach-chicken dumplings - do you sense a pattern here? - as well as diet Fudgsicles, bluefish fillet, and chocolate rolls). There's a fresh potato knish, green pickles, canned pumpkin (which I love with sweetener and cinnamon) and more shredded cheese.

I need to eat like this all the time, not just when I'm sick.

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