Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

I did NOTHING this weekend. Slept a lot, read a little, made veggie casseroles.

I got an Amazon gift certificate through a credit card, so had no choice but to order stuff. I finally ordered "Winston Breen" as well as some other books I don't need.

To offset the balance a tiny bit, I finished one book: "Emily's Reasons Why Not" by Carrie Gerlach. It was made into a TV series starring Heather Graham that got canceled after one episode. I didn't see it, but how bad could it have been? TV execs don't give shows enough time to find an audience. Then again, maybe it was horrible. The book was OK, with Emily's therapist asking her to list reasons her past relationships didn't work. Each man gets a chapter except for a dashing baseball player who gets two.

I still Google for "Wordplay" mentions and found a new "ewww, look at all the dorks" blog entry I won't dignify with a link. People think it's perfectly OK to nerd-bash. I refrained from a comment asking what is HE the best in the country at.

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