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More movies

I took so long finishing Uptown Thursday that I didn't get to nap. Thursday's screening was more crowded than the previous ones, and Friday's even more so. They anticipated this, and we were in a bigger theater Friday. I was recognized both days. I saw:

"Broken English" - Parker Posey (nominated) stars in this story of a New York woman's dating woes. This sort of thing could be depressing, but the movie was enjoyable.

"Paranoid Park" - Gus Van Sant (nominated, as is the movie) directed this story of a Portland skateboarding teen who gets in trouble. Moody and atmospheric, not always easy to watch. According to IMDB, this movie doesn't open until March so I'm not sure how it was eligible for 2007 awards.

"Before the Devil Knows You're Dead" - directed by Sidney Lumet with a top-notch cast. I was surprised that of all these performances, only Marisa Tomei was nominated (supporting) for a small role where she's often unclothed. The story is dark and violent, and drove me right to the IMDB boards to see if anyone else noticed some plot holes (yup).

A Netflix arrived today with a documentary I missed when I didn't go Monday. After a week of almost-nightly movies, I feel tired, and this goes on for 3 more weeks. Though really, I can't complain, I'm watching MOVIES. I wonder how A.O. Scott feels, and I'd ask him if I wasn't shy every time I pass by his desk.

Coming home on Thursday, I noticed my coat was torn. Darn, it's only 5 years old, brand-new in En clothing years. It's not a jagged tear but a neat >-shaped cut on the lower right. How and when could that have happened? Paranoid park, indeed. I'll iron the flap down with Polyweb, but ultimately I need a new coat. I went coat shopping before Sundance 2 years ago, without success. I checked online for my current coat (a Harve Benard I got at a sample sale) since it would be easy to just replace it, but I couldn't find it.

I finished a book that wasn't a crossword book: "Manshare" by Maxine Paetro. I don't like to share. When it comes down to it, the characters in this 1986 novel don't like to share either. Hanna wants to write an article for her trendy "New York"-like magazine on "mansharing" but her editor (a dashing hunk, so you know where this is going) insists she do a first-person account. I liked the description "the citiest of cities, New York, New York" but how could someone have a pastrami sandwich with mayo? Shades of "Annie Hall."

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