Ellen (ennienyc) wrote,

Long day

Yesterday was a really long day. I was still up from the previous day waiting for the plumber to come (while working on Uptown puzzles), but he didn't get here until 10:10. His plunger worked better than mine and he got the water to go down and unclog the drain. He said this is caused by buildup of food and the only way to avoid it is not to use food (joking). He didn't think Drano was that bad, but we've always been told not to use it. Anyway, the sink is back to normal.

I had to get to the Times to process the Sunday puzzle in the afternoon, but also needed to sleep. I conked out after the plumber left, but had to get up 4 hours later to make the deadline. When I got there, I found the subway exit and 40th St. building entrances blocked off. The printer still had low toner, and I used the smudgy alternate one. A guy later came to fix it. There were spacing changes and a replacement definition, so the Sunday puzzle didn't get finalized until almost 6. I printed up the dailies but didn't have time to finish before leaving for the movies, so I'd have to return later.

That day's movies were two docs, no Q&A's. The first was "Manufactured Landscapes" which began with a continuous shot of a seemingly endless Chinese factory. The film continued with striking images of industrialized China: fields of computers for recycling, a giant dam that has forced whole cities to be dismantled and over a million people relocated, Shanghai plans that look like something out of Futurama. The formerly agrarian economy is becoming industrial with the accompanying ugliness and toxicity. Even though it wasn't that cold out, I was freezing during this movie and ended up putting on my coat and gloves.

Between movies, I started test-solving the puzzles but it was a little dark and Monday through half of Wednesday took about 15 minutes. I put the work away when it was time for the next movie: "Lake of Fire," about abortion. Director Tony Kaye has been working on it for 16 years, making some of the material seem a little old. This issue evokes strong feelings on both sides, and many have an "I'm right, you're wrong" attitude. Shot in black and white, the film had many moving images but at 152 minutes was just too long. We got out after 11:30pm.

I then went back to the Times, tired (those 4 hours of sleep) and hungry (had not eaten all day). I finished the dailies, and took a cab home at 2am. On the way out, I asked the guards why things were closed before and they said there was danger of falling glass. Shades of John Hancock in Boston.

Once home, I heated up leftover food and finally ate. I was too tired to do the last step on the Times or finish Uptown, and went to sleep. So for once I wasn't up all night. I woke up in mid-morning, finished the Times, and paid some bills (I don't think I got a printed bill from one of my credit cards but was able to do the online payment in time). After Uptown, I may need a nap, but I'm hoping the schedule can get more normal soon.

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