December 2nd, 2013


Lame Cyber Monday

I hate to shop. On Black Friday, I took advantage of an offer to renew MoMA membership and get an extra 6 months, but that was it. I really need new computers (my desktop and laptop are 10 years old and limping along), have no cell phone of any kind (but do love my iPad), my TiVo and non-HD TV are also about 10 years old, my winter coat has a weird rip and missing buttons, my shoes are falling apart, and I need boots.

I did attempt to get boots a few months ago, but learned once again that I have to try on clothing. I had some Totes bought for Sundance in 2006 that had developed holes, so what could be simpler than ordering the same thing? That exact model was discontinued but I found something similar, in my usual size 7M. It was warm when they arrived, so I didn't try them immediately. Unfortunately, when I did, I discovered they were too small. My feet were killing me after a few brief errands. Back home, I placed them next to the old boots and indeed they were a tiny bit shorter. Yeesh! By then it was too late to return them. Does anyone want them (free)? Seriously; just worn once.

So here it is, Cyber Monday, the perfect time to get much needed items. But I couldn't deal with heavy duty shopping and instead (at least so far) have just bought assorted crap. Mostly practical crap, but still... This reminds me of someone who shall go nameless, who registered for very practical items in their wedding registry. Who needs fancy decanters? They wanted things they would actually use. One of their guests reported that when they went to the store, the salesperson said, Oh yeah, those were the people who registered for all that junk (paraphrased). Hey, it was useful junk. They still got multiple decanters.

So, ignoring the large things I need, I looked through my lists (I keep a lot of lists). Drugstore stuff is saved for tomorrow, when Duane Reade has their monthly Senior Savings Day. Not once have they asked for ID (the limit is 50 or 55, depending on if you use the DR Balance Rewards card or AARP ID). Humph.

And here's what I got (from Office Max, eBay, Overstock and Tanga):

Pens - I like medium point Paper Mate Write Bros. but I've used them all up and am down to random pens from hotel rooms or  promotional giveaways.

Pencils - I'm going to try the Pentel twist erase .9mm that everyone loves for crosswords. It could turn out I prefer one of the other size leads, as was argued at Lollapuzzoola.

Blue painters tape - I'm still working on a roll the building gave me during the window installation (exactly 2 years ago! Maybe it's time to move back the furniture and piles of magazines that are still bunched away from the windows), but figured I could use more (and needed another item to make the free shipping amount). It's most recently come in handy for sealing the top of the kitchen faucet where water is spraying out. I really need to call maintenance, and also have them re-unclog the kitchen sink drain that's still sluggish. The guy used a plunger a few weeks ago, and probably should have tried a snake.

Umbrella stand and wastebasket - They match, but won't be going in the same room. The umbrellas, including the famous broken Wordplay one, are gathering dust under a chair. And one of my wastebaskets is dented and rusty. I was going to insert an image, but multiple methods didn't work (either it's the iPad's fault or I'm technically challenged).

Sleep mask - I constantly fall asleep with the light on. Even though I have no trouble sleeping, I put "sleep mask" on my list just last night when I noticed I was putting my arm over my face to block out the light. I found a mask with an audio input so I can listen to music while dozing off.

Neck pillow - I sit up and read a lot, and the neck can get achy. Not sure how much effect this pillow has, and the reviews were mixed, but it was cheap.

Memory foam slippers - One can always use slippers. I might be able to get away with wearing these outside; they are black, so won't look as weird as the hot pink quilted slippers I'm sometimes seen in. My family pretended they didn't know me when my feet started hurting while walking around UChicago, and I had to put them on. Chicago students are supposedly quirky, but I admit I didn't see any other pink-slippered feet.

Ben Tausig's new book - While on Overstock to get the furniture, I wondered if they had this and they did.

FlipFold laundry folder - I came upon their video while researching something else. This may not be easier than just folding laundry normally, but it looks like fun. I did the wash on Thanksgiving Day and it's still unfolded.

Cyber Monday is not over, so who knows, I could have a new computer by the end of the day. Or another questionable gadget. I'm pretty sure I won't be buying any decanters.