July 7th, 2012


Time Warner cable TV on the iPad - NOT

I was passing by Time Warner cable and saw a sign about an iPad app that lets subscribers watch TV. Researching it when I got home, it seemed less useful since you have to access with your home wifi on and can't use it anywhere else. I loaded the app, and could sign in, but it said I had to be connected to my home network, which I was.

So I did a live chat with customer service who said the network needed to be Time Warner's Road Runner, even though their FAQ said it didn't matter what wireless network was used. I have Verizon Internet. After getting cut off and getting a new chat rep after being 18th in the queue I was told they could install a Road Runner Internet gateway (not free to install, no charge after that). But why would I want a second wireless network (which might interfere with the other one, for all I know) just to occasionally watch TV on a small iPad in the other room? Oh well. I deleted the app and sent a Contact Us form saying they needed to change their FAQ.

It might be just as well. Reviews in the app store were not favorable.