January 12th, 2012


Beatlemania, 1964

I have a "Math Notebook" from 7th grade where not much math was getting done. I loved Mr. Grosso's class and did well, but much of the notebook is devoted to doodles (I was not a great artist and could only draw girls' heads) and Beatlemania.

In case you can't see, within their faces it says "I Love Paul," "George is Eh," "I like Ringo" and "I hate John." Sorry, George and John. Note "Love to Lovey" in the Paul section, an homage to the alleged autograph.

I also wrote a composition about Paul, just for myself and not for school. Given recent behavior around Paul, there's still a lot of the silly 12-year-old in me.


More from Little En, 1960

2/1/60: We got sterio

2/4: Mommy went to a concert

2/5: N came over today.

2/10: I went to M's house for lunch.

2/11: I went to the dentist and to M's for lunch.

2/16: L came over.

2/19: Mommy had a dance lesson in our house.

2/26: L slept over tonight. She made a fortune teller for us.

2/27:  Felice (our cousin) slept over.

2/28: I ate dinner at Nana's house today.

2/29: I went to the eye docter. I have to wear glasses. And I went to have them fitted.

3/1: I ate lunch at I's house.

3/2: We went to M's house.

3/3: We had a bad snow storm. [research shows NYC got 14.5"]

3/4: I got glasses

3/6: I ate lunch out.

3/7: I had library today. I only took out one book. It was called Henry Huggins.

3/8:  Today I went to S's house.

3/9:  Linda can be a brownie.

3/10: I went to get more glasses.

3/13: I ate dinner at Nana's house.

3/14: The light's blew out for a hour and a half.

3/15: I saw a movie in school

3/16: I had half a day in school

3/17: A lady from the girl scout house called and said I could be a brownie in troop 59. Meetings are on Friday.

3/18: I had brownies today. We made tamborines. Brownie dues are 10 cents.

3/20: I went to J's birthday party today.

3/23: Mommy had a conference with Miss Salami, the speech teacher.

3/24: Mommy had a conference with my teacher, Miss McCann. P.S. I got a good report.

3/25: Nana went on a cruise today. We went to see her off, that is we see the ship. It was a lot of fun. The ship was called "Nieuw (New) Amsterdam."

3/28: I went to E's birthday party today. A lot of my friends were there. [this is my next-door neighbor E]

3/29: It's my Aunt Pauline and my cousin Felice's birthday. Felice is twelve years old. I don't know how old Aunt Pauline is.

3/31: I got the chickenpox today.

[omitted more piano lessons and library]