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Time flies when it's 1969

Monday, September 8, 1969

Today's mail had something from Columbia, but only about activities for Jewish kids which I don't know if I'll attend - I especially want to meet Jewish boys, but not the temple kind.

L told Linda they painted the Guide Post [school newspaper I worked on] office this weekend - purple with yellow! R painted in glowing green, "N is a shmuck," but Mr. C made her go over it.

The Times had an article on the girls at Princeton. At first I was envious but it said their dorm had yellow jacks and the boys were sex fiends. [I didn't apply there]

Tuesday, September 9, 1969

We went through the socks, FINALLY throwing out all the anklets, though Mommy was reluctant, saying they might go back into style.

Today Linda said something in soc. but still not in English. I remember last year I figured out that in Eng. at one early point, R and I were the only totally silent ones and was inwardly mad when she finally said something.

Wednesday, September 10, 1969

I was fixing my lunch when I answered the ringing phone. J identified herself. "Have you heard," she began, and I thought I'd have to assure her if I did hear something I'd let her know, "...the happy news." It turned out we got the room we wanted. I kept saying "God!" and "That's great!" and she said we couldn't occupy it until Thursday noon. She'll call me later this week. I was really happy.

Linda sat in Mommy's room watching the Met game and completing her Barnard application, and also talked of Oberlin as a possible alternate choice if deferred [she got into Barnard ED].

I called R near 10. She visited school today. Mr. B told her in our Calc. BC class, M [brilliant soph], M2 [brilliant junior], and I were the only ones who got 5's! I don't really deserve to be equated (pun) with them. R and R2 received the only 4's and everyone else got 3's. Mr. B was surprised the class even came out that well; in Dr. I's easier AB class, no one even got above a 3!

I gave R my address - M and D told HER I got a room. News travels fast. She said not to worry if the first night was terrible and lonely. I probably wouldn't cry but I might write a lot.

I finally wrote to my sponsor L, but was very uninspired. I thought of writing to C or M but have nothing to say yet. I was reading the Barnard handbook, and saw Bonnie Fox's name as a proctor.
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