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Saturday, May 14th, 2011

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You may have read in the NY Times about the infamous college posture pictures which may actually have been part of a eugenics study. I took one at Barnard in the fall of 1969, and briefly discussed it in the comments of this 1969 diary entry.

My sister had retrieved some papers from my mother's things and started going through them before I arrived for my last visit to Miami. She set aside items of interest to me - report cards, childish (bad) poems, etc.  I got to one item and burst out laughing - it was the posture picture! I swear I never saw it before, or maybe I've blocked it out of my mind (maybe they sent it to our parents?). According to the items checked off, I had knock knees, marked lumbar curve and other demerits. Apparently, these were not enough to warrant my taking a remedial class though.

I remembered wearing a bathing suit, but am actually in underwear, wearing glasses and my hair pinned up. There is one back and two side views (one of which they made me re-take).

I hope this picture is not somewhere in the Smithsonian. And no, I'm not going to scan it for public view.


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