August 29th, 2010


More Puzzle Oopsies

Dell Champion, June 1986, p. 16 (Mary Landers)

The title is "Blabbers" with these theme entries:

Walkie-talkie? CHATTERBOX
Blabbermouth TATTLETALE

...and Shock SCANDALIZE

S&S Mega 4, puzzle 216 (Fran & Lou Sabin)

The title is "ER," with phrases made wacky by adding -ER. Theme entries:

"Surf's up!" announcement? ROLLERCALL
Ted's blazer? TURNERCOAT
Comedienne's Stage Deli namesake? DILLERPICKLE
Light-fingered one at the gym? SNEAKERTHIEF
Newborn's nook? CORNERCRIB
Birth certificate, e.g.? MOTHERPROOF
Place for a board meeting? CHECKERROOM

...and Source of goat cheese? BUTTERMILK

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Mystery song - Help!

I'm still immersed in all things Level 42 and found a song by Mark King from a solo project that's driving me nuts because it reminds me of another song - and I can't think of what that is! I tried Songtapper and Musipedia, but their suggestions weren't what I had in mind. Also tried entering the song into Pandora, but it didn't know it.
I think the mystery song has nothing to do with Level 42, but is a happy-bouncy song from the '60s or '70s.
Here's the Mark King song (note especially the parts at 1:02 and 2:50):