June 13th, 2009



I've been taking advantage of entertainment opportunities:

"The Marvelous Wonderettes" - Fun, light off-Broadway show set at a 1958 senior prom and subsequent 10-year reunion. I'm not wild about '50s music, but it also had '60s (including my favorite obscure Motown song, "Needle in a Haystack" originally by the Velvelettes). Cute audience participation.

"Land of the Lost" - There were funny moments, especially a running joke about "A Chorus Line," but the movie couldn't decide if it was a goofy Will Ferrell comedy or scary sci-fi.

"The Norman Conquests" (Table Manners) - The more of this trilogy I see, the more satisfying it is. I had a fantastic front-row seat next to the runway where the actors enter. It felt like I was in the dining room with them, and luckily I didn't get hit with any flying food. Neighbor J happened to be there and while talking to J and her friend afterward, who should walk by but "Norman" (the very appealing Stephen Mangan). We told him he was great, and asked if the run would be extended. He was noncommittal and said they all had family in the U.K., and his wife (darn!) and son were here now (for the Tonys, I realized later; he was nominated but didn't win).

"9.99" - intriguing, gorgeous-looking Australian-Israeli stop-motion film. Director Tatia Rosenthal spoke afterward.

"Irena's Vow" - Tovuh Feldshuh plays a Polish-Catholic nurse who becomes housekeeper for a German officer during WWII, and hides Jews in the basement. Moving, interesting evening of theater. The daughter of the real Irena (who died in 2003) spoke afterward.

"102 Minutes" by Jim Dwyer and Kevin Flynn - book detailing the horrific events of 9/11, based on interviews with people who were in the buildings. I kept turning to the back page which listed those who did not get out.

NPL Minicon - I got to this afternoon event at 2:30pm in the middle of the second game, but what I played was fun and a preview of the upcoming convention in Baltimore.

Ghost in the machine

I've had the laptop out since I'm still fiddling with the upgrade, and could have sworn I shut it down (not sleep) for the night. But the next day the light indicated it was on and asleep.

This happened twice before I thought to check the energy saver settings. Looks like it was set to turn on at 6 am every day, not what I want since I normally keep it stashed away in its case. I think I fixed this.

I hope there are no other surprises.