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Thursday, June 12th, 2008

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Disappearing libraries but no shortage of books

There's still ongoing at-home grading to do, but I handed in 3 other jobs so it was time to celebrate with a movie. MoMA was showing "All About Eve" at 1:30, and I woke up just in time to go. Walking over from the subway, I was convinced I would miss the beginning, but slipped into the last row (no problem, stadium seating) at the last second.

The movie: yes, a classic.

I had brought my book lists and went across the street to the Donnell library, but it was a shadow of its former self, with a few books stuck in the old basement DVD room.  So I walked down to the Mid-Manhattan, which is also eventually slated to close. The public library is an essential part of my project to read everything on my want list. I can get books sent to my neighborhood branch from anywhere, but it's sad to see the main midtown circulating sites disappear (the famous 42nd St. main building is currently reference only).

At Mid-Manhattan, one of the books on my want list was in its proper place on the shelf, but had no library markings and was not actually a library book. The desk people told me to just take it. I'll have to leave it in a public place when I'm done to continue the karma.

By then, I was close to the Times. I had been there to do the puzzles yesterday, but another week was said to be coming soon. Not quite this soon. No problem, there's time. There were extra guards outside to foil further climbers, and people on the street were kidding with them pretending they wanted to jump up.

I was on schedule to see Jackie Collins at Borders at 7, and even passed there on the bus, but decided to go home. I put in a little terrace time.

Books completed:

"The Position" by Meg Wolitzer - the author commented on Eric Berlin's blog on another matter, so maybe she'll find this. If you ever wondered what it's like to be the children of Masters and Johnson, this is sort of that story. In the '70s, a (fictional) couple write a book called "Pleasuring" with sketches of themselves in intimate positions. Thirty years later, we catch up with the now-divorced pair and their 4 children, who have all been through rocky times.

"The Three of Us" by "Cynthia Victor" (really Victoria Skurnick and Cynthia Katz) - another book where women meet at the beginning and become fast friends to the seeming exclusion of all others. If anyone needs a thesis topic for a PhD in chick lit, here you go. This story was OK (and got somewhat dark with a detour to the slums of Rio), but I've already left it in the laundry room book exchange shelf.

US Magazine 11/12/07
Talking about Kate Hudson's busy dating life, a friend says the actress "wants to sow her wild oats to make up for being married so long." Kate and Chris Robinson were married less than 7 years. I guess that's long in Hollywood years (though, to be fair, Kate was only 21 when she married).

Billy Bob Thornton, talking about his 3-year-old daughter Bella, said, "I have two boys....It's really different having a girl." Did he forget about his other daughter Amanda (from his first marriage, born 1978)?

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