March 24th, 2008


To-do no-do

I have notes for things to do scrawled on pieces of paper, and a main to-do list on Word where the notes eventually get transferred. And maybe someday I'll move everything to Hiveminder.

I noticed "Delete seen movies from Netflix queue" on one of the papers and thought that would be an easy one to take care of. It's from when I was going to Spirit Awards screenings, and put nominated movies in the queue in case I didn't get to the live showing.

Easy - except that Netflix has been down all day.

"Copy book reviews from blog to Library Thing" and "tag LJ entries" feel like too much at the moment.

Please be more smarter

Bloggers Ryan and Brian joke about getting the message, "Submitted Puzzle is Incorrect, Please Be More Smarter, Thank You, Will Shortz, Star of the film Wordplay."

This message could apply to my real life.

I cut up half a bunch of broccoli, half a head of cauliflower, and a green pepper, added 2 oz. of orecchiette, filled the pot with water, added a sprinkle of garlic powder... which was a MOUNTAIN of garlic powder. The inner cap with filtering holes twisted off together with the main cap, and garlic cascaded out.

I spooned some of the garlic back into the jar, but there was still way too much garlic in the pot. So I took out the topmost vegetable pieces and rinsed the garlic off each one individually.

In hindsight, I should have just dumped the whole thing in the colander and rinsed it, but now it's been cooking for a bit. I'll rinse again when I drain the veggies.

If it's still too garlicky, I'm giving up and getting takeout.

Note to self: Please be more smarter
--En, costar of the film Wordplay