February 27th, 2008


Tick tick tick

I'm running out of regular crossword books so I did Henry Hook's "Terribly Twisted Crosswords." I can't stress enough how great these puzzles are. They aren't crosswords, but not that far removed either. If I try to imagine how he got all this to work, my head will explode. There's also a previous book, "Twisted Crosswords," which I did last year.

There's another book I should be finishing shortly. I've also done Universal through June 2002 and USA Today through May 2004. Probably won't get much further with those. Tomorrow I'll go through the piles of NY Magazines, and there may be an issue or two of GWOP with the crosswords undone.

I did some TV Guide puzzles, but most of these have a frustratingly high amount of totally obscure trivia. People who use TV Guide as an example of "easy" puzzles are way off. I rarely complete one without lots of guessing and a few errors, and I'm not bad at TV. One puzzle was unusually smooth and even had a theme (Hannah Montana and other rhyming entries); it was so much better than the rest that I suspect it was by someone we know.

I draw the line at Star Magazine puzzles and (gasp) usually throw out the magazine with the puzzles undone. Not that they're "too easy," but they're too BORING. No themes, dull definitions, endless small words. The smaller Star celeb puzzle isn't as bad, but I don't need training in pop culture.

Hair appointment has been made.

Magazine roundup

Kristin Bell in EW (8/31/07): "Saying you're a nerd is now the cool thing to do." Well, THAT's a relief!

Why are these considered "maxi dress mistakes" by the US Magazine fashion police (9/3/07)? The copy says, "It's about time these stars retire their frumpy frocks" but these aren't supposed to be Oscar gowns, just casual long summer dresses.

I'm WAY behind on Premiere. The October 1997 issue had a piece on William Hurt which made me go, "Huh?" Jeff Goldblum agrees, saying, "He's sometimes indecipherable, like the Rosetta stone." Example: "Who I am -- or the only who I am that I want anybody to know is the who I am that we all are."