February 14th, 2008


New York City is my valentine

Yesterday I worked, and procrastinated on doing anything cultural. Today I did cultural things, finally. This makes me happy.

The Dylan documentary "Don't Look Back" was showing for free at the Donnell Library. Having hated "I'm Not There" I figured I should see the real thing. Now I see that the Cate Blanchett segment is STRONGLY based on this movie. As shown in his 1965 British tour, the real Dylan smoked a lot, baited his interviewers, sang and impressed. At 24, he looked like a young Jewish boy. The footage was black and white, dark and grainy.

The event was nicer than I expected. I was scared (free movie in a library) = (homeless crazy people), but it was a mostly older, seemingly sane group. I hung around the library a bit afterward, but didn't have my books wanted list so didn't take anything out. The Donnell is actually my home library since I first got my card there when I worked at Equitable nearby.

Then I went across the street to MoMA and inaugurated my membership by seeing "Strong Shoulders," a 2002 Swiss film about young runners. I can always relate to athletic competition and training, but (not to spoil anything) hope my crossword tournament doesn't end up like the main character's big track meet. No one said a thing about my large purse. The 7 pm Milos Forman movie (with the director himself) was already sold out when I came in, and there was a huge line when I left.

If that mob is typical, I'm not sure I should try to get into any Forman events tomorrow. If I go, I'll bring my booklists so I can go across to the library as a back-up. MoMA is really nice, and I look forward to seeing more movies there. I had planned to see Oscar-nominated shorts this weekend, but then arranged to work Sunday instead.

There was still another event on the schedule. I could have walked to Columbus Circle, but instead took the E one stop to 7th Ave. and the D one more stop, to Border's in Time-Warner Center to see Suzanne Vega. I'd seen her twice before, at Webster Hall in 1987 with 2nd_macavity, and at a Barnard benefit concert not long after (she's an alum - yay!).

All the chairs were taken so I stood in back, and listened to a sound check of "Small Blue Thing" (ooh), then the concert itself: "Marlene on the Wall," "Small Blue Thing," "Gypsy," "Luka," "Tom's Diner" (with doo-doo-doo-da's from the audience) and newer songs I didn't know. I got a seat midway through. She looks older, but don't we all? It was wonderful. Camera phones were going so I hope I'll find footage on YouTube. At that first concert, Shawn Colvin sang back-up but now Suzanne's daughter Ruby (looking older than 13) did the job.

Metrocard transfers are supposed to be free within 2 hours, but even though I got on the bus to go home an hour and a half after entering the subway, it charged me. Oh well.
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