February 8th, 2008


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I handed in Uptown puzzles today, which was way too clean. It's more fun proofreading when there are a lot of errors.

The Spirit Awards screenings are in the home stretch. Tomorrow's the last night, and then I need to watch two DVDs and one online stream before voting online on Wednesday. Last year we voted by ordering the choices in each category 1-2-3-4-5, but this year we just pick the winners. I've been ordering as we go along to make it easier.

After this is over, I want to start using the MoMA membership and see more movies, and get a list together of old MEA selections to Netflix or TiVo.

Movies and reading and puzzles are my idea of a good time.

I saw:

"Once" - light on plot, but sweet-natured with appealing, effective music. I'm listening to the soundtrack on Rhapsody now.

"The Band's Visit" - a visiting Egyptian band ends up in the wrong town in Israel through a series of missteps. Also sweet-natured, funny, touching.

"Year of the Dog" - given my feelings about animals, the dog part of this was like a horror movie, but the human story was interesting and amusing.

"Interview" - Sienna Miller is up for best actress playing an actress being interviewed, and it was a strong performance, but this Steve Buscemi film was a bit stagy and overdramatic (which maybe was the point).

In the Spirit

Tonight was the last Spirit Awards screening: "Talk To Me," about DC DJ Petey Greene. Don Cheadle and Chiwetel Ejiofor are both nominated for acting. I loved this movie, and especially the 60s-70s R&B soundtrack.

I didn't stay for "Juno" which I've already seen, but my guest L stuck around.

There were a few movies whose screenings I missed. This afternoon, I tried to watch a streamed nominated movie online but stopped after 6 minutes as my noisy computer obscured the dialogue. I'll try again, possibly with headphones. There's also the laptop, but the screen is smaller. And I MUST watch that doc DVD and return it to Netflix to have any hope of getting the second doc in time to vote.

I've made my choices (so far), but won't say how I'm voting. Maybe after the results come out.

This was my second year as a Spirit Awards voter and it was great seeing movies I might not otherwise get to. Only a few clunkers in the bunch. A very positive experience. Thank you, IFP. Thank you, Tribeca Cinemas.